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So today was most definitely a "girls' day." T had a ticket to the Redskins game, so I felt no guilt about it. :-)

I went to a day spa with my friend B. We got facials and massages as part of a Groupon deal. I'd never had a facial before, so it was interesting. Apparently my skin is very dry--I already knew that, but the woman doing the facial said she put moisturizing stuff on me three times because my face just soaked it up. (Then she "recommended" certain products for me. Like a tiny bottle of serum that cost $45 and moisturizer that cost $63. Um, no thank you.)

Then I had the massage. Felt great at the time, but I'm sore now. The woman who did that was very nice.

Then B and I went to lunch (tapas--yum) and went our separate ways. I went to my favorite local yarn shop and, amazingly, did not buy anything. Then I went to the mall for a manicure and pedicure.

Looking at the parking lot, you almost have to wonder where the economy crisis is, because the place was mobbed. I had been planning to poke around a bit, but the crowds were so insane that I just parked very close to the nail place and only went there. Couldn't deal with all the people. If it's this bad in early November, what'll it be like closer to Christmas??

At the nail place, I had the interesting experience of getting a perfectly fine pedicure and a terrible manicure. From the same person. I didn't even get color on my fingernails because she was doing such a shitty job that I didn't trust her to manage it. So weird. I definitely left a smaller tip than I usually do, but it was awkward. I wanted to say something when I left, but several employees were hovering at the front desk and I didn't want to call out the girl in front of her colleagues.

What do you do when service is less than stellar? Let a small tip speak for itself? Mention it to a manager? Something else? I guess it depends on how bad the problem is.

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Random observations for the day:

Someone named Lolita is running for school board in my county. I think that's a bit weird. Could she not have found some other position in the county to run for?

It's Guy Fawkes day, and I've had that rhyme about remembering the Fifth of November in my head all damn day.

Apparently there's another GOP debate tonight. I really did try to watch the first few, in the interest of being an informed citizen. Even though they can't be good for my blood pressure--or my liver, seeing as how I generally drink wine during them. But it's red wine, so maybe the health benefits there balance out the rest. But I really don't get why they need to have so many debates. Were the primaries like this three years ago?

I cleaned out a closet today and found some Christmas presents we bought at a craft fair. In January. Yes, I know there's something kind of wrong about buying Christmas presents in January.

I'm going to a spa with my friend B tomorrow. Part of the package is a facial. I've never gotten one before and have no idea what to expect. Hmm.

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OK, so apparently I'm just going to be blogging right before midnight. Oh well.

No more canine nosebleeds today, which is good.

I usually telework on Fridays, but when I went to log on, I couldn't. Our Internet connection was flaky last night and today, which I assume was the problem. Oh well. I should probably get back into the habit of getting ready for the day in the morning, even when I'm teleworking, instead of showering during my lunch break...

Tomorrow I'm going to clean out a closet. Thrilling, no? But it's something I've been meaning to do for a bit, and that closet is one that could be used a lot over Thanksgiving. So it needs some reorganization. At least my friend B and I are going to a spa on Sunday. Something to look forward to. And then I get a three-day weekend next week! My office closes for Veterans Day, and this year it falls on a Friday. Wheeeee.

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Another day, another post after 11:00 at night. Oh well.

I came home, let Tobey out of the kitchen, walked him, and went to sit on the couch with him. Usual evening routine. Then I noticed a large smear of blood on my arm. After some hunting, I soon realized that Tobey was having a nosebleed.

Ever tried to make a hyperactive dachshund sit still while you hold a napkin to his nose? Even if you haven't, I bet you can imagine how well that went. I basically put him in a headlock. Then T. came home, and Tobey wriggled away to go greet his "daddy."

And sneezed. Our carpet is beige. Oops.

That's when I noticed that Tobey had walked along the arms and back of the couch. Nothing like cleaning blood off a leather sofa to start your evening off right.

Anyone know if nosebleeds are normal in a dog? A quick Google search gave the usual results (that is, everything from "totally normal, just like they are in humans from time to time" to "ZOMG your dog has a nose tumor and you must take him to the vet at once!!). So it would be good to get some feedback from real people.

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It's 11:38, and I just remembered I needed to post today. So much for a concerted effort to blog more. But I made it!

This past weekend, T and I visited my parents at their new home in South Carolina. It's a nice house in what looks like a nice community. But it's weird to know that there's no more "home" in Connecticut. I still have family there, and good friends. But not "home."

And the holidays will be strange, too. The only Thanksgiving I didn't spend in Connecticut was 2001, when I did my semester in the U.K. I remember calling my parents from the London Eye. This year, T and I are hosting. (I foresee several posts this month about that, so I won't go into detail now.) And I think my parents will host Christmas as usual, but "down south."

I know I can't expect things to stay the same every year, and my parents bought the house more than a year ago, so it's not like I didn't have notice. But it'll still take some getting used to.

Do you still have a home base of sorts, or a strong connection to your hometown?

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I used to blog a fair amount. Not about anything earth-shattering; just amusing or (more often) irritating things about my day. I'm not quite sure why I stopped. Guess I thought I didn't have anything interesting enough to warrant actually posting.

I also think that the increase of other social media decreased my blogging. If I posted a photo album on Facebook about my vacation, did I really need to blog about it, too?

I'm out of the habit of writing, and I don't like it. So maybe forcing myself to post about something, anything, for thirty days will get me back into it. Here we go...

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In response to wyldegrey's 9/11 post:

I was in Manchester in the UK with a Colgate study group. Our British classes hadn't started yet, since their semester starts in mid-September. We had begun our two Colgate-only classes and had done a fair amount of traveling (day trips, mostly) with one of them, a history of the Industrial Revolution class.

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